Parking Lot Sweeping Southeast Michigan


Why is it important to sweep a parking lot?

Believe it or not, clients may not want to visit your business if their first impression is an unkempt parking lot. In this difficult economic climate, you can’t afford to lose them to a tarnished image.  Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop.

Maintaining a well-swept parking lot says a lot about your business. It says that you care about your customers, your image, and the environment.  Sweeping also increases the life of paving material, striping and sealcoating by removing sand, dirt, debris and other abrasive materials. Routine sweeping costs are far less than the cost of replacing pavement or even making pavement repairs.

If you’re like most property managers, you’ve spent money to have the grounds landscaped. Even the smallest amount of debris, trash or dirt detracts from beautiful landscaping. Plus, keeping a clean parking lot encourages visitors to keep it that way, thus lowering the potential for littering.

Why contract with Rolar Property Services to maintain your lot? 

We take pride in every aspect of our work. Our drivers are trained to operate our regenerative air machine sweeper trucks. The operators and the trucks are fully insured and licensed with the State of Michigan and USDOT.  We sweep parking lots at night when businesses are closed, and the parking lots are free of vehicles. We take care of walkways, store fronts, and building foundations by hand blowing the areas to keep them free of debris. Upon request, we will empty trash receptacles and change the liners.

Please contact Rolar Property Services for more information and/or a free quote.