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Pot Holes!

If you have pot holes on your property that need to be repaired immediately, call us and we can help you! We will cold patch your problem areas for temporary relief, and we can offer you a permanent repair solutions to your problems. We can also repair and replace cracked or broken concrete. Eliminate trip hazards and unsightly holes by calling us at (248) 589-1800, or use the contact form on our website!

Spring Clean-Up Parking Lot Sweeping

After a record winter and spring on the way, the melting snow is revealing month’s worth of gravel and debris. We can help clean up your lot by sweeping up all the gravel, rocks, litter, and other debris that has resulted from such a harsh winter. We will deploy a street sweeper and boots on the ground equipped with backpack blowers to ensure every corner of your parking lot is cleaned-up and looking like this past winter never happened! Please contact our office at (248) 589-1800, or use the contact form on our website for a free quote.

Asphalt Repairs and Parking Lot Maintenance

Rolar Property Services, Inc. specializes in repairing, updating, and maintaining your site’s parking lot. Not only does the work we perform make your site more attractive to potential customers, clients, and employees, it also reduces trip hazards (think insurance claims), and increases the longevity of the parking lot itself. We offer asphalt repair and replacement services, asphalt surface patching, sealcoating, and striping services.  We also offer driveway restoration for our residential customers as well. We provide exceptional quality of work at competitive prices. Call us to find out how we can help your property’s image at (248) 589-1800.









CPSI Certification

Rolar Property Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Landscape Leader, Jeremy Watt, has successfully completed the National Inglenook Park Southfield, MIRecreation and Park Association (NRPA) Certified Playground Safety Inspector Certification training and examination. As a CPSI, Jeremy will ensure that playground design and installation conforms with the standards set by ASTM International and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) for playground equipment for public use. This achievement strengthens Rolar’s playground installation team to continue to build safe, compliant, and most importantly, fun play environments for children!

Jeremy also just celebrated his 9th anniversary as a Rolar employee. We would all like to thank him for  his hard work, dedication, and loyalty to our company, as well as congratulate him on his latest achievement!

Spring Is In The Air!

The sun is out, the air is warm, birds are chirping, and your property likely needs some sprucing up!  With the temperature reaching record highs, and the long term forecast continuing to look very favorable, this is the time to get your property ready for the summer season. While the task of cleaning up your property after winter may seem overwhelming, Rolar Property Services is here to help. By taking a few basic steps, your property will be ready for summer in no time.

  • Pick up the larger debris throughout your property like tree limbs, sticks, and litter.
  • Clean leaves, litter, and any other debris from your landscaped beds that that accumulated over the winter months
  • Pull any weeds that may have already sprung up
  • Remove any dead leaves that may be on your lawn
  • If areas of your lawn are thin or patchy, loosen the soil with a rake and cover with grass seed and soil.
  • Treat your lawn with an early spring fertilizer, or arrange for a fertilization professional  to nourish your lawn and to keep crabgrass and other broad-leaf weeds to a minimum this summer season
  • Cut back dead growth on perennials, and prune shrubs and trees to promote new growth
  • Re-edge your beds with a spade shovel or mechanical bed edger and top dress with new mulch
  • If you have an irrigation system, turn on, run the system through all zones, and repair or adjust your sprinkler heads to ensure proper lawn and plant coverage

If you have a commercial or industrial property,  a larger residential property, or just simply don’t have the time to get your property ready for the summer,  please contact us and we will be happy to assist you! You can contact us via this website or you can call (248) 589-1800.